Topflor is the most recent plant growth regulator (PGR) to be introduced to growers of containerized ornamental plants in commercial nurseries, greenhouses, and shadehouses within the U.S.

One of the most versatile PGRs available, Topflor has the strength to regulate vigorous species, yet provides the proper amount of growth control for slower growing crops. Though Topflor is most active via root uptake, it can be effectively utilized as a foliar spray.

Some of Topflor's Benefits

  • Active on a wide range of crops, making PGR selection less complicated
  • Strengthens and tones plants, reducing shipping losses
  • Darker green foliage
  • Highly active through plant roots, which lends itself to uniform growth regulation and reduced flower delay
  • Growers have experienced that plants treated with Topflor produce darker blooms and fewer faded blooms

Greenhouse Management magazine, Brand Spotlight article about Topflor (click to enlarge).

Topflor will allow growers to produce top quality plants resulting in improved marketability of their crop. Today's consumers demand the highest quality plants that are compact, full of vibrant blooms, possess dark green foliage, and will demonstrate outstanding garden performance. Growers now have a PGR tool that provides the ability to grow that "perfect" crop that consumers demand.

Improved Uptake

     Topflor's improved plant uptake vs. other PGR's in many cases results in lower application rates required to achieve optimum growth regulation. While Topflor's unique activity range allows growers to control even the most vigorous plant species while providing the proper amount of control for slower growing crops


Topflor possesses the essential characteristics that a grower needs in order to produce the highest quality plants that maintain optimum size and shape long enough to maximize sell through at retail. Consumers who purchase plants treated with Topflor will be able to enjoy compact plants with outstanding flowers and foliage that will demonstrate outstanding garden performance.


  • Multi-site absorption
  • Little to no flower delay
  • Improves plant health

Active ingredient: Flurprimidol

Where to buy: To purchase Topflor Plant Growth Regulator, contact your SePRO sales rep or distributor. May not be registered in all states. Always read and follow label directions.