This highly anticipated and exciting chemistry offers several benefits for the ornamental producer including a unique IGR mode of action, a broad label, outstanding crop safety, and safety to beneficial insects. 

Talus is the only IGR labeled for control of whitefly, mealybug, scale, and glassy-winged sharpshooter that has chitin synthesis inhibition as its mode of action.  Talus is also broadly labeled for applications in greenhouse tomatoes; ornamental plants in greenhouses, lath and shadehouses, nurseries, landscape ornamentals, ground covers, field and container-grown ornamentals; nonbearing fruit and nut trees, vines in nurseries, and Christmas trees. 

Talus has shown outstanding crop safety, including poinsettias in color, making it a perfect fit on sensitive crops.  Talus has also shown to be fully compatible to a broad variety of beneficial insects making it ideal for IPM programs.


  • Great alternative to neonicotinoid chemistries
  • Phenomenal crop safety
  • Effective via contact, ingestion and vapor activity
  • Controls a wide-range of mealybug, scale and whitefly species and types


  • Excellent control of many of the similar pests controlled by neonicotinoids such as mealybugs, scales and whiteflies
  • Can be applied to some of the more tender plants including poinsettias in color
  • Enhances control potential
  • Provides a failsafe for misidentified species and infestations of multiple pest species

Active ingredient:  Buprofezin

Mode of action:  Classified as a chitin synthesis inhibitor, Talus disrupts molting by blocking the formation of chitin, the building block of insect exoskeleton. The exoskeleton, the insect's skin and bones, must be absorbed and then re-formed during each successive molt. Without the ability to synthesize chitin, molting is incomplete, resulting in malformed pests that soon die. Talus delivers toxicity to pests via contact, ingestion and vapor activity. There is little or no systemic movement of Talus in plants. But its vapor activity allows Talus to reach leaf undersides where many pest species dwell, and it helps protect new growth. In addition to its primary mode of action, Talus also suppresses egg-laying and causes egg sterility in treated adults through secondary hormonal activity. 

Packaging:  Formulated and packaged into easy to handle and mix water-soluable packets.

Where to buy:  To purchase Talus Insect Growth Regulator, contact your SePRO Technical Specialist or distributor.  May not be registered in all states.  Always read and follow label directions.