Designed to control root growth in container grown plants, SpinOut promotes a healthier, more natural and more efficient root structure. This leads, in turn, to a higher quality plant.

How SpinOut Works

As a plant's roots come into contact with a SpinOut-treated container, they become inhibited and grow around the inside of the pot, forming a circled and matted root system. Because elongation stops, growth energy stimulates the development of secondary and lateral roots promoting a fibrous and healthy root system. 

The more natural root system which SpinOut promotes leads to a better quality plant that has a greater chance of survival once transplanted. Research shows that SpinOut improves the plants ability to uptake nutrients. Plants develop a more fibrous root system, which is able to take up more nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium resulting in a healthier plant.

With SpinOut root pruning or trimming is not necessary. As a result, transplant shock is significantly reduced. Three to six days after a SpinOut plant is transplanted into a new environment, its root tips will begin to grow again. This quick root regeneration allows far faster establishment in the landscape, reducing the risk of transplant shock and increasing the plants chances of survival. Research has also shown that this can promote faster growth resulting in larger plants. 


  • Prevents root circling and matting
  • Can be used on many surfaces, including plastics and fabrics
  • Eliminates the need for root pruning


  •  A natural, healthy root system
  •  Improved nutrient uptake
  •  A longer shelf life
  •  Reduced stress from heat and cold
  •  Easier to remove from the container
  •  Reduced transplant shock
  •  Quick root regeneration after transplanting

SpinOut has been successfully used on over 250 different species including vegetables, cereals, annuals, trees and shrubs. SpinOut can be included in every stage of production; from the beginning plug trays to the container the plant is being sold in and every stage in between. Plants grown in SpinOut-treated containers are easier to remove and easier to handle because there are no roots sticking to the inside of the container. 

SpinOut reduces heat and cold stress. A plant grown in an untreated container may have up to 80% of its roots next to the container wall, thus exposing these roots to extreme temperature changes. The roots of a plant grown in a SpinOut-treated container are more evenly distributed in the soil, which insulates them from temperature extremes. 

The use of SpinOut improves the quality of the plants a grower sells and reduces the costs involved, giving growers a more saleable plant with a longer shelf life because the plant remains in peak condition for an extended period of time.  

Active ingredient:  Copper hydroxide

Where to buy:  To purchase SpinOut Root Growth Regulator, contact your SePRO Technical Specialist or distributor.  May not be registered in all states.  Consult and always read and follow label directions.