No matter what you're dealing with in your operation, SePRO has a solution to help you succeed.

Here is our full list of products divided by category:


Camelot O

• Broad-spectrum fungal and bacterial disease control
• Effective tool for resistance management
• Control of bacterial leaf spots and blights
• Approved for Organic Production by OMRI and the National Organic Program (NOP)
• Easy to measure and use flowable copper soap formulation
• Use on greenhouse vegetable and herb crops
• 4-hour REI

CuPRO 5000

• Advanced broad-spectrum copper technology
• Dry flowable formulation that is fast wetting with complete dispersion
• Controls a wide variety of fungal and bacterial leaf spots, including Xanthomonas, Anthracnose and many others


• The standard for Botrytis
• Unique chemistry class
• No phytotoxicity
• 7-14 day residual control
• “Reduced-risk” classification
• 50% water dispersible granule
• Soft on beneficials
• 12-hour REI


• Combination of two proven chemistries (mancozeb and copper hydroxide) delivering broad-spectrum control
• High-quality dry flowable formulation with low residue
• Effective tool in resistance management


• Nothing controls Powdery Mildew better
• Economical and fast-acting
• No visible residue
• No resistance



Plant Growth Regulator
• Builds compact plants that perform in the garden
• Fully absorbed through roots, leaves and stems
• Easy to apply and forgiving
• Plant growth regulator of choice for many leading plug producers
• Provides superior performance after transplanting


Ornamental PGR
• Produce Top Quality plants with Topflor
• Labeled for use on the broadest range of containerized ornamental plants
• Topflor's unique activity range allows it to control even the most vigorous crops
• More efficient stem uptake vs. paclobutrazol and highly effective uptake via plant roots make Topflor the perfect choice for growers looking for application flexibility
• Topflor provides extended crop shelf-life, while maintaining peak shape and beauty, which improves sell-thru at retail


Ornamental PGR
Topflor technology available now in a granular formulation. Improves profitability and salability of container-grown ornamental crops and enhances plant qualities such as:
• Darker leaf color
• Higher chlorophyll content
• Greater leaf thickness
• Stronger stems
• Decreased water loss
• Improved flowering in some species
• Better to withstand environmental stresses



Miticide / Insecticide
• Economical and effective miticide
• 21-28 days of residual control at labeled rates
• Minimizes crop damage with stop-feeding action
• Controls spider mites on greenhouse ornamentals
• Active on all life stages
• Advanced chemistry
• 12-hour REI

Hachi-Hachi SC

• New formulation—greatly improved crop safety and odor
• Unique mode of action chemistry on tough insects such as thrips, aphids, mealybugs, scales and leafhoppers
• Excellent rotational partner in existing Western flower thrips control programs
• Contact activity that stops the damage caused by feeding
• Active against all stages of insect development
• 12-hour REI


• Superior whitefly and aphid control
• Unique mode of action
• Great neonicotinoid alternative
• Immediate stop-feed
• Reduced viral transmission
• Great mealybug, leafhopper and chili thrip activity
• Gentle on beneficials


Insect Growth Regulator
• Outstanding control of Whitefly, Mealybug, Scale and Glassy-winged Sharpshooter and other hoppers
• Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor
• Soft on beneficial insects—perfect for IPM
• Outstanding crop safety — even Poinsettias in color


3% E.C. Botanical Insecticide
• Effective as an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR)
• Keeps insects from feeding
• Superior formulation that stays in suspension and doesn’t clog sprayers
• Highest quality control in its class means most consistent efficacy
• Proven to be non-phytotoxic on most plants
• Practically odorless


Microbial Insecticide
• Effective Naturally-occurring biological insecticide
• Broad-spectrum
• Infects all insect life stages
• Little to no effect on beneficial insects
• Contains blastospores; which means faster germination/infection
• Highest product quality assurance
• OMRI listed
• 4-hour REI



Root Growth Regulator
• Unique copper based formulation
• Growth regulator that is conveniently incorporated on pots and landscape fabric
• Improves plants root systems by preventing root circling and maximizing root tips