If your plants could talk, what would they say?

That's the question we're asking Cultivate attendees when they stop by our booth #0610, for a chance to win a $500 gift card! Here are some quotes from real plants to get you inspired...

  • "I'm thirsty! Why am I always so thirsty?"
  • "Hey, I'm growing too big for my pot. Can't you tell?"
  • "The sun! It's so nice out! What a great day to be a plant."
  • "Ouch.... stop biting me! Bugs really bug me!"

If you're attending, don't forget to visit our booth to learn about the innovative solutions we offer for your plants' health. Plus, enter to win that gift card when you share what your plants would say if they could talk!

Can't make it to Cultivate?

You can still share your plants' thoughts and enter to win a $500 gift card!

SePRO offers diverse and effective solutions for your plants' health:


Camelot O

• Broad-spectrum fungal and bacterial disease control
• Effective tool for resistance management
• Control of bacterial leaf spots and blights
• Approved for Organic Production by OMRI and the National Organic Program (NOP)
• Easy to measure and use flowable copper soap formulation
• Use on greenhouse vegetable and herb crops
• 4-hour REI

CuPRO 5000

• Advanced broad-spectrum copper technology
• Dry flowable formulation that is fast wetting with complete dispersion
• Controls a wide variety of fungal and bacterial leaf spots, including Xanthomonas, Anthracnose and many others


• The standard for Botrytis
• Unique chemistry class
• No phytotoxicity
• 7-14 day residual control
• “Reduced-risk” classification
• 50% water dispersible granule
• Soft on beneficials
• 12-hour REI


• Combination of two proven chemistries (mancozeb and copper hydroxide) delivering broad-spectrum control
• High-quality dry flowable formulation with low residue
• Effective tool in resistance management


• Nothing controls Powdery Mildew better
• Economical and fast-acting
• No visible residue
• No resistance



Plant Growth Regulator
• Builds compact plants that perform in the garden
• Fully absorbed through roots, leaves and stems
• Easy to apply and forgiving
• Plant growth regulator of choice for many leading plug producers
• Provides superior performance after transplanting


Ornamental PGR
• Produce Top Quality plants with Topflor
• Labeled for use on the broadest range of containerized ornamental plants
• Topflor's unique activity range allows it to control even the most vigorous crops
• More efficient stem uptake vs. paclobutrazol and highly effective uptake via plant roots make Topflor the perfect choice for growers looking for application flexibility
• Topflor provides extended crop shelf-life, while maintaining peak shape and beauty, which improves sell-thru at retail


Ornamental PGR
Topflor technology available now in a granular formulation. Improves profitability and salability of container-grown ornamental crops and enhances plant qualities such as:
• Darker leaf color
• Higher chlorophyll content
• Greater leaf thickness
• Stronger stems
• Decreased water loss
• Improved flowering in some species
• Better to withstand environmental stresses



Miticide / Insecticide
• Economical and effective miticide
• 21-28 days of residual control at labeled rates
• Minimizes crop damage with stop-feeding action
• Controls spider mites on greenhouse ornamentals
• Active on all life stages
• Advanced chemistry
• 12-hour REI

Hachi-Hachi SC

• New formulation—greatly improved crop safety and odor
• Unique mode of action chemistry on tough insects such as thrips, aphids, mealybugs, scales and leafhoppers
• Excellent rotational partner in existing Western flower thrips control programs
• Contact activity that stops the damage caused by feeding
• Active against all stages of insect development
• 12-hour REI


• Superior whitefly and aphid control
• Unique mode of action
• Great neonicotinoid alternative
• Immediate stop-feed
• Reduced viral transmission
• Great mealybug, leafhopper and chili thrip activity
• Gentle on beneficials


Insect Growth Regulator
• Outstanding control of Whitefly, Mealybug, Scale and Glassy-winged Sharpshooter and other hoppers
• Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor
• Soft on beneficial insects—perfect for IPM
• Outstanding crop safety — even Poinsettias in color


3% E.C. Botanical Insecticide
• Effective as an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR)
• Keeps insects from feeding
• Superior formulation that stays in suspension and doesn’t clog sprayers
• Highest quality control in its class means most consistent efficacy
• Proven to be non-phytotoxic on most plants
• Practically odorless


Microbial Insecticide
• Effective Naturally-occurring biological insecticide
• Broad-spectrum
• Infects all insect life stages
• Little to no effect on beneficial insects
• Contains blastospores; which means faster germination/infection
• Highest product quality assurance
• OMRI listed
• 4-hour REI



Root Growth Regulator
• Unique copper based formulation
• Growth regulator that is conveniently incorporated on pots and landscape fabric
• Improves plants root systems by preventing root circling and maximizing root tips