If insects are infesting your operation, your plants are at risk.

When pests harm your plants, they're eating away at your profits, too. Don't turn to inferior solutions for something this important.

The new and improved formulation provides the same spectacular, broad-spectrum insect control with better crop safety.  SePRO has worked diligently to bring the improved formulation of this highly effective chemistry to the ornamental market. In cooperation with IR-4, Hachi-Hachi SC has been extensively tested for both efficacy and crop safety across many species and environments.  The results continue to demonstrate Hachi-Hachi SC to be a phenomenal tool for growers.

Features of Hachi-Hachi SC Insecticide:

• Superior aphid, thrips, mealybug, scale, leafhopper and early instar lepidopteran insect control
• No known resistance
• Outstanding crop safety
• Active on eggs, nymphs and adults
• Contact and ingestion activity that stops the damage caused by feeding

SePRO is changing the game in insect control with Hachi-Hachi SC.

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