Decree fungicide is an industry standard for both preventative and curative Botrytis control. With excellent crop safety and no residue concerns, Decree is an exceptional tool throughout the season.

Decree Fungicide's 12-hour REI allows for Botrytis control in propagation and at retail, while 7 - 14 day residual control gives growers the best value per application. Its "Reduced Risk" classification means Decree is safe and easy for all employees to apply. Decree can be applied to flowers in bloom and poinsettias in full color with little detectable residue and no phytotoxicity. Being in a unique new chemistry class makes Decree an excellent fungicide rotational partner.

  • Superior efficacy on Botrytis cinerea
  • Curative and preventative activity
  • "Reduced Risk" classification
  • 12-hour REI
  • Excellent plant tolerance
  • Very little visible residue
  • 7 - 14 day protection
  • New mode of action (effective on resistant strains)
  • Rain fast in 2-hours
  • Easy to use 50WDG formulation


The fungus Botrytis cinerea causes diseases known as gray mold or Botrytis blight. Symptoms include flower blights, bud rots, root and crown rots, leaf spot and blight. The mycelium (thread-like or hair-like part of the fungus) is fluffy, gray or brown, and produces spores when disturbed. Soft brown tissue can often appear wet or soggy. 

Decree inhibits 4 different stages:

  • Spore germination
  • Germ tube elongation
  • Appresoria formation
  • Mycelial growth

Botrytis prefers humid, cool environments, close crop spacing and overhead irrigation. Botrytis commonly affects geraniums, poinsettias, African violets, petunias, roses, hydrangeas, vincas, kalanchoes, and lisianthus.

Treat Botrytis

At very low concentrations, Decree inhibits hyphal growth and germ tube elongation of Botrytis cinerea. The germ tube growth stage is considered to be the most sensitive stage in the life cycle of Botrytis cinerea (happening outside the plant tissue, on the plant surface, before penetration of the leaf cuticle).


  • Unsurpassed Botrytis control
  • Protective and curative
  • Excellent crop safety
  • Very low residue
  • Vegetable and herb label


  • Industry standard for quick and complete eradication
  • Allows for initial eradication and reduces future breakouts
  • Improved safety to sensitive plant tissue and blooms- including poinsettias in color
  • Maintain a sellable crop at all times
  • Spray your food crops and ornamentals with the same tank

Active ingredient:  Fenhexamid

Mode of action:  Decree is characterized by protective and curative action with residual activity against Botrytis cinerea in ornamentals. Decree seems to be a single-site inhibitor with a very specific biochemical mode of action. 

Where to buy:  To purchase Decree Fungicide, contact your SePRO Technical Specialist or distributor. May not be registered in all states. Always read and follow label directions.

Learn more about Decree from Dr. Ann Chase:

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