A-Rest Plant Growth Regulator is the tried and true PGR for plugs, transplants, bedding plants and perennials. A-Rest provides just the right amount of growth regulation. Gentle enough on tender plugs and transplants yet strong enough to adequate regulated perennials.

A-Rest produces a plant that is more compact by inhibiting gibberellin biosynthesis, which results in shorter stem length and reduced internode elongation. A-Rest has no adverse affects to flowers; including no flower delay, no residue and no phytotoxicity. A-Rest also tones and strengthens plants, readying them for transplanting and shipping. 

A-Rest helps growers produce high quality plants that are more compact, uniform in height, darker in color, more able to withstand shipping, require less water, and, best of all, plants that are more attractive to the consumer.


  • Effective short-term growth regulation
  • Highly forgiving
  • Adequate regulation to tender, less vigorous plants
  • Reduced transplant shock


  • Perfect for an out-the-door application to hold plant size and shape before it can be sold
  • Little risk of hardened, stacked plants that are unsaleable
  • Avoid over-rgulation plants that aren't able to fill-in after transplanting
  • Prevent stretching in the greenhouse yet allows the plant to flourish for the consumer

Active ingredient:  Amcymidol

Where to buy:  To purchase A-Rest Plant Growth Regulator, contact your SePRO Technical Specialist or distributor.  May not be registered in all states.  Always read and follow label directions.